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Monday, August 1, 2022

Loksewa old question 2073 || NEA question paper level 4

Mr Electro Test Quiz for NEA, NTC, PSC, CANN preparation students for Electrician, Foreman, Supervisor, Assistant Enginner, & Enginner. Loksewa old question 2073 || NEA question paper level 4 is given below.

NEA question paper level 4 2073(Reamining part)

Multiple Choice
30x3.3=99+ neat writing 1 = 100 Marks

Loksewa old question
1. 1 kilovolt amperes equal to......
100 volt amperes
1000 volt amperes
1200 volt amperes
1500 volt amperes
2. The presence of earth in case of overhead lines
Increases the capacitance
Increases the inductance
Decreases the capacitance
Decreases the inductance
3. A.C. generators operate on the principle of
electro-magnetic induction
self induction
Both B and C
mutual induction
4. The transformers are always rated in
5. A MHO relay is normally used for protection of
Long transmission lines
Medium length lines
Short length lines
Non length criterion
6. In a transformer, electrical power is transferred from one circuit to another without change
7. The resistance depends upon
size of the conductor
hot and cold area
both and B
8. In case of diesel engines thermal efficiency is of the order of
10 to 15 percent
15 to 25 percent
25 to 30 percent
30 to 40 percent
9. In a hydro- electric power plant
operating cost low and the initial cost is high
operating cost is high and the initial cost is low
both operating cost as well as the initial cost are high
both operating cost as well as the initial cost are low
10. Water hammer occurs in
Turbine casing
Surge tank
11. Pelton wheels are installed on
run-off river plants with pondage
run-off river plants without poundage
base load plant
high head plants
12. Two batteries having unequal e.m.f.s
can not be connected in series
can not be connected in parallel
can be connected in parallel only
can be connected in series only
13. The energy capacity of a storage battery is rated in
Ampere hours
14. Which of the following quantities are the same in all parts of a series circuit?
15. For a fixed supply voltage the current flowing through a conductor will increase when its
area of cross-section is reduced
length is reduced
length is increased
length is increased and cross-sectional area is reduce

Other extra questions

16. When an alternator is running on no load then, power supplied by the prime mover is mainly consumed
to meet iron losses
to meet copper losses
to meet all no load losses
to produce induced emf in armature winding
17. As the speed of an alternator increase
the frequency increases
the frequency decrease
the frequency remains constant but power factor decrease
None of these
18. For the alternator when power factor of the load is unity, then
the armature flux will have square waveform
the armature flux will be demagnetizing
the armature flux will be cross-magnetizing
the armature flux will reduce to zero
19. The earth resistance can be measured by
Fall of potential method
Using earth tester
Ducter ohmmeter method
Only a and b
20. The indication instruments with linear scale is
Electrostatic instrument
Dynamometer instrument
Thermocouple instrument


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    1. Sir you can check how many right answer you have done for now date... We will going developing for other features.

    2. Now you can find answer after your answer submit. Thanks for improving us....

  2. How can we check our answers ???

    1. Now you can find answer after your answer submit. Thanks for improving us....

  3. How to get results

    1. Hi sir/madam, after you submit your answer, you will get your marks by pop up dialogue box and answer list of all question.

  4. 12 no question is wrong . There correct answer is d)can be connected in series only.

    1. sir, When we connect two batteries with different emfs together in parallel they will act as a short circuit. so can not connect in parallel is more convenient option. And we can connect batteries series and parallel combined circuit also so it is less convenient option.


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