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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Model Question Set 2 for NEA/Loksewa aayog

This model set will help you in all types of jobs in public service as well as private.

Model question for NEA/Loksewa aayog for level 3, level 4, level 5, level 6, level 7.

Multiple Choice
Each question has equal 1 marks.

Model Question set 4 for NEA, NTC, PSC, CANN

1. When was NEA established ?
B.S. 2041 Bhadra 1
B.S. 2042 Baishakh 1
B.S. 2043 Bhadra 1
B.S. 2042 Bhdra 1
2. SF6 gas
is yellow in color
has pungent odor
is highly toxic
is non-inflammable
3. According to the Latest organization structure of NEA Power Trade Department is in under
Transmission Directorate
Generation Directorate
Planning, Monitoring and IT Directorate
Administration Directorate
4. Step-up substations are associated with
consumer location
concentrated load
generating stations
5. What is the capacity of storage project (Kulekhani- I and Kulekhani - II) of Nepal till date?
82 MW
92 MW
102 MW
112 MW
6. The phase modifier is normally installed in
short transmission lines
medium length lines
long lines
for any length of wire
7. The coincidence factor is reciprocal of
power factor
diversity factor
load factor
utilization factor
8. The purpose of Gaurd Ring in a transmission line system is to
reduce earth capacitance of the lowest unit
increases earth capacitance of the lowest unit
reduces the transmission losses
none of the above
9. The power factor of alternator depends on
speed of rotor
core losses
Armature losses
10. Which kind of the rotor is the most suitable for turbo-alternator which is designed to run at high speed?
Salient pole type
Non-salient pole type
Both a and b above
None of these
11. Active power is measured by
energy meter
12. Salient poles are generally used on
high speed prime movers only
medium speed prime movers only
low speed prime movers only
low and medium speed prime movers
13. The error of instrument is normally given as the percentage of
measured value
full-scale value
mean value
rms value
14. If a instrument have a wide range, the instrument should have
Linear scale
Square-law scale
Exponential scale
Logarithmic scale
15. A resistance can be measured accurately by
Voltmeter-ammeter method
bridge method
16. In a pure capacitance,
current leads voltage by less than 90°
current lags voltage by 180
current lags voltage by 90
current leads voltage by 90
17. Which component opposes voltage change?
18. The charge in a capacitor is stored at
19. The energy radiated by sun in the bright sunny day is about:
2.5 kW/m²
1 kW/m²
0.5 W/m²
0.2 kW/m²
20. The voltage of solar cell is
0.5 to 1 V
1 to 2 V
2 to 3 V
4 to 5 V


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    1. Dear sir/madam, thanks you for your suggestion. We are trying our best to publish more questions as soon as possiblešŸ˜Š


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