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Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Model Question set 4 for NEA, NTC, PSC, CANN

Are you preparing for NEA, NTC, PSC, CANN for level 3, leve 4, level 5 and level 7. If yes? you are in right place.
This is a sample question paper which is just test your knowledge in Mr. Electro which is very useful for jobs.

Loksewa aayog tayari model question

Multiple Choice Question
Each question has equal 1 mark.

Model Question set 4 for NEA, NTC, PSC, CANN

1. Electro-mechanical voltage regulators are generally used in
all of the above
2. In a outdoor substation, a lightening arresters is placed near to
the isolator
the current transformer
the power transformer
the current breaker
3. The stability of a system is not affected because of
reactance of line
reactance of generator
output torque.
4. A 10 pole generator rotates at 1200 rpm. The frequency of generated AC voltage will be
5. The no of electrical degrees pass through in one revolution of 6 pole synchronous alternator is
6. Flemin's left hand rule may be applied to the generator to find the
direction of rotor rotation
polarity of induced emf
direction of induced emf
direction magnetic field
7. Two voltmeters have the same range 0-400V and their internal impedance are 30,000 ohms and 20,000 ohms. If both of them are connected in series and the supply of 600V be applied across them, the readings are
360V and 240V
300V each
400V and 200V
one of the meter out of the range and other 100V
8. The full-scale deflection current of the ammeter is 1 mA and internal resistance is 100 ohms. If the meter have full deflection at 5A, what is the value of the series resistor to be used?
49.99 ohms
1/49.99 ohms
1 ohm
2 ohms
9. The full-scale deflection current of the ammeter is 1 mA and internal resistance is 100 ohms. This have full deflection when 100V is measured. So what is the value of the series resistor to be used?
99.99 kilo ohms
100 kilo ohms
99.99 ohms
100 ohms
10. What is the capacity of the oldest plant of Nepal which is Pharping Hydroelectric Project?
600 KW
640 KW
500 KW
1000 KW
11. What is the total capacity of thermal powers in Nepalese power system?
63.5 MW
100 MW
12. A diesel power plant is thet suited for
base load plant
stand-by plant
peak load plant
13. Cells are connected in series to increase
current capacity
life of cells
voltage ratings
terminal voltage
14. In a fluorescent tube circuit, the choke acts as a
power factor improving device
source of heat
current limiting device
15. Which terminal does not belongs to the SCR?
16. In indicationg instruments with linear scale is
Free from hysteresis and eddy current losses
Free from temperature errors
Dependent on temperature errors
Both a and b
17. Electrostatic voltmeter instruments are suitable for
AC work only
DC work only
Both AC and DC work
None of the above
18. Electrostatic instruments are generally used as
Watt-hours meters
19. Due to overdamping, the instrument will become
Both a and b
20. Tesla coil is a .... transformer
Low impedance
High frequency resonant

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