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Thursday, March 9, 2023

NEA 2073 level 5, Supervisor question paper

This website provides source material for students preparing for NEA, NTC, PSC, and CANN at levels 3 to 7, including Electrician, Foreman, Supervisor, Assistant Engineer, and Engineer. Below, you can find NEA question papers for Level 5 and Electrical Loksewa Level 5 from 2073. These questions are taken from NEA's old question paper for the supervisor position at level 5.

NEA 2073 level 5, Supervisor question paper (Remaining part)

Multiple Choice
30x1=30 Marks

NEA question paper level 5 || Electrical loksewa Level 5 2073.

1. The height of low voltage side should be
a. 5 meter, 6 meter
b. 2 meter, 4 meter
c. 7 meter, 9 meter, 11 meter
d. none of the above
2. Standard voltages at which the supply authorities deliver power to the consumer is
a. single-phase, 240 V, 50 Hz, 2 wire
b. three-phase, 415 V, 50 Hz, 4 wire
c. three-phase, 415 V, 59 Hz, 3 wire
d. both a and b
3. In a series circuit consisting of 3 resistors of 45Ω each and a 50 V source, what is the approximate amount of heat produce?
a. 16.6 W
b. 18.5 W
c. 135 W
d. 150 W
4. Which is the single phase synchronous motor without excitation?
a. reluctance motor
b. universal motor
c. repulsion motor
d. a.c. series motor
5. Protective relaying is not helpful in
a. avoiding the fault
b. minimizing the fault
c. minimizing the damage to equipment
d. protecting the equipment from damage
6. Generator converts the energy
a. hydro to electrical
b. mechanical to electrical
c. electrical to mechanical
d. chemical to electrical
7. The transient voltage that appears across the contacts of the circuit breaker after the instant of arc extinction in known as
a. recovery voltage
b. restriking voltage
c. return voltage
d. normal voltage
8. Marshyangdi hydropower plant is
a. storage type
b. pump storage type
c. run off river type
d. none of the above
9. For synchronization, the synchroscope pointer show
a. fast position
b. slow position
c. middle vertival position
d. all of the above
10. How much should be minimum insulation in house wiring?
a. 10Ω
b. 50Ω
c. 2MΩ
d. 15MΩ
11. Generally the excitation voltage for a synchronous machine is
a. 120/220 V DC
b. 120/220 V AC
c. three phase, 50 Hz, 440 V AC
d. 230 V AC
12. High voltage transmission lines use
a. suspension insulators
b. pin insulators
c. single disc insulators
d. shackle insulators
13. For 11 kV line, the length of pole should be
a. 8 meter
b. 9 meter
c. 11 meter
d. 13 meter
14. Electromagnets are preferred over permanent magnets in dc machines because
a. electromagnets have greater magnetic strength
b. strength of magnetic field can be eaily controlled
c. both a and b
d. none of the above
15. To obtain maximum solar raditation, the solar panel must be placed
a. 45° towards east
b. 45° towards south
c. 30° towards south
d. 30° towards west

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