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impedance of inductor || inductor impedance calculator

In an electrical connection, there are different connection of different component like resistor, inductor and capacitor. Here we are going to discuss and calculate about impedance of inductor and inductor impedance calculator. You can visit the link for more information about inductance. Inductance is the property of material that oppose the current in the circuit in case of sudden change.

Impedance of inductor

As we know, inductor is a coil and it pass DC current so actual inductor only works on AC. For AC circuit, it has certain frequency may be 50 Hz, 60 Hz or more than that. According to this frequency, impedance of inductor is also changed for different circuit.

Inductor impedance calculator

Inductor impedance calculator is a tool of MR ELECTRO for calculating impedance. It is easy calculator for you, you need to just put some inductance and frequency. Our calculator will calculate the impedance and show the value.
impedance of inductor || inductor impedance calculator

Enter impedance of inductor

Enter system's frequency

We need to calculate the impedance for checking our result while calculating. For inductor impedance calculator, we use the formula :-
XL = 2πfL
By using this, we can calculate impedance. From formula, Impedance is directly proportional to system frequency that mean impedance is higher for high frequency and lower for low frequency.

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