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Induction generator excitor(capacitor size)

To convert an induction motor into induction generator, first of all the induction motor need to rotate more than synchronous speed. Also, induction motor needs excitation from capacitor or from national grid system. Its principle and operation are already described, you can visit through this link--> Induction motor As we know, an induction generator is not a self-starting machine. For initial starting, it need excitation and for that excitation, a capacitor bank is needed. The value of capacitor is also responsible for induced voltage. If the value of capacitance of capacitor is not greater than critical capacitor, voltage will not induced and a good value of capacitance is also required to get required voltage level. Hence it is necessary to calculate the capacitor size for induction generator.

Calculation for Induction generator excitor/capacitor size

Power of induction motor


Rated voltage of induction motor


Draw current of induction motor


Operated frequency of induction motor


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