Hi Mr Electro family!! This is an educational website for electrical stream ( Electrical engineering, Diploma student and PreDiploma students) . This is mainly focused for those students who are waiting for Government jobs like LokSewa Aayog PSC, NEA, CANN NTC for level 3, level 4, level 5 and level 7 and also private jobs.

NEA Nepal || NEA syllabus || NEA

In Nepal, mostly Electrical Engineers wants to get job in NEA ( Nepal Electricity Authority ). But there is some limited quota, only few people are hired for job every year. And it is hard to get job in there because many pass out engineers, diploma students, pre-diploma students are waiting to get get job. In actual, NEA Nepal will offer few no of job quota in long time interval. NEA will not publish job offer in regular time interval. There is always delay for exam and much more delay for result also. Due to less vacant available in there, it is toff to get job in loksewa. Here you will get some idea about NEA Nepal || NEA syllabus || NEA.

NEA Nepal || NEA syllabus || NEA

Lok-SEWA aayog is a public service officer job that is for Nepali people. There are several sector include for this job. For a electrical engineering, engineer are looking NEA Nepal for job vacancy. NEA Nepal means Nepal's electricity authority which play main role in electricity in Nepal. Nepal is a developing country and hydro electricity and other methods to produce electricity are very important to develop rapidly. Since there is 905.4 MW electricity is generated in total ( hydro, air, solar, fuel etc.). Among that 900.5 MW is connected to national grid ( interconnected system) and remaining 4.9MW electricity is isolated power plant. NEA Nepal is the one of the government company which is one of the most important and profitable company after leading by Kulman Ghishing. 

Here is the LokSewa NEA syllabus level 5 & NEA syllabus level 7 in the given link below. You can go through this, these pdf is taken from NEA Nepal official website. Thank you!

NEA Syllabus or NEA Nepal syllabus

Here are all types of free quota NEA Nepal syllabus for you. If you want more, we will provide you just message us or contact us through mail. We are here for you to help so fell free and easy to ask us, we will response as soon as possible.

If you are searching for free quota (khulla) NEA syllabus level 3. Here is the link for you. You can visit this which will help you.

NEA syllabus level 3 (open)

If you are searching for free quota NEA NEA syllabus level 4, you can visit from below link.

NEA syllabus level 4 (open)

If you are searching for free quota NEA NEA syllabus level 5, you can get it by from below link.

NEA syllabus level 5 (open)

If you are searching for free quota NEA NEA syllabus level 7, please follow the link for it.

NEA syllabus Level 7 (open)

NEA vacancy for this year is here. 

NEA vacancy


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