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NEA Level 5 2075 Question paper

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NEA level 5, Supervisor 2075/04/14

Section 'A'                                                                                                                                  50 Marks

1. With necessary circuit diagram and wavefrom explain 16 AC voltage controller for resistive load.

2. What do you understand about Mercury and Sodium Vapour Lamp? State briefly.

3. How many types of voltmeter and ammeter are in general use? State.

4. Discuss briefly about the different types of hydropower plants in Nepal.

5. What kind of precautions should be taken during working with a live electric line? Mention necessary tools and devices for safety during such work.

6. With necessary sketch, discuss working of a main and transfer busbar system.

7. Describing various aspects, compare lead acid battery with Ni-Cd battery.

8. How de voltage is generated by a de generator? Explain with suitable diagram.

9. Define Ohm's law and Kirchhoff's law.

10. A 1500W heater is supplied by 220V. An external resistance is to be connected in the circuit to reduce the current drawn by the heater to SA. Show the connection and determine the value of the external resistance.

Section B                                                                                                                            50 Marks

11. What is a Watthour meter? Explain construction and operating principle of 10 induction type energy meter.

12. What it corona? What are the factors which affect corona? Discuss its various effects on performance of transmission line.

13. Graw the schematic diagram of a vacuum circuit breaker and explain how it is used for power system protection. Discuss its working principle, advantages and disadvantages.

14. What is the general use of auto transformer? What are the specialities the transformer should have?

15. Draw a neat schematic diagram of a hydro electric plant and explan the functions of various components.

                                                                              The End 

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