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NEA LokSewa Test/quiz Question set - 6 || Model question set 6

Welcome all NEA, NTC, PSC, CANN preparation students, This website is made for the post of Electrician, Foreman, Supervisor, Assistant Engineer, & Engineer so that we can help you by providing the material for your preparation.

Multiple Choice Question

Model question set 6

1. Which of the following materials is commonly used in electrical heating devices?
2. The alternator is used in power plants which converts
electric energy into mechanical energy
electrical energy into solar energy
mechanical energy into electrical energy
mechanical energy into nuclear energy
3. Solar energy is used for
water pumping
battery charging
all of the above
4. In DC machines, interpole windings are connected
in series with armature
in series with main pole
in parallel with armature
in parallel with main pole
5. Which the following motors is suitable for frequent starting and stopping?
Capacitor start motor
Capacitor start capacitor run motor
Resistance split phase motor
All of the above
6. Open circuit test on transformer is conducted to terminal
hysteresis losses
copper losses
core losses
eddy current losses
7. Which of the following generators is also called an alternator?
Asynchronous generator
Synchronous generator
AC generator
Induction generator
8. A circuit breaker is a
current controlling device
circuit interrupting device
current limiting device
9. The boundary of the protective zone is determined by the
location of CT
sensitivity of relay
location of PT
10. Which of the following devices is used to minimize the effect of high frequencies in power line carrier communication?
wave trap
coupling capacitor
system earthing
11. Gas insulated substation is employed
Where there is less space available
For high altitude substation
In terrain region
All of the above
12. Transposition of transmission line is done to
reduce line loss
balance line voltage drop
reduce skin effect
reduce corona
13. Which of the following insulators is mostly preferred for sharp bend or dead end application?
pin type
shackle type
strain type
stay type
14. ____ cable is used to connect the distributor to the consumer terminals
service mains
all of the above
15. When a live conductor of public electric supply breaks down and touches the earth, which the following will happen?
Current will flow to earth
Supply voltage will drop
No current will flow in conductor

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