Hi Mr Electro family!! This is an educational website for electrical stream ( Electrical engineering, Diploma student and PreDiploma students) . This is mainly focused for those students who are waiting for Government jobs like LokSewa Aayog PSC, NEA, CANN NTC for level 3, level 4, level 5 and level 7 and also private jobs.

NEA LokSewa Test/quiz Question set - 7 || Model question set 7

This is a sample question set which is provided you to test your knowledge which is very useful for jobs like Electrician, Foreman, Supervisor, Assistant Engineer, & Engineer.

Model question set 7

Multiple Choice Question

1. Which of the following is not the transmission voltage in Nepal?
66 KV
132 KV
264 KV
400 KV
2. Air used in air circuit breaker must:
have least carbon dioxide
be ionized
have oil mist
be free from moisture
3. During arc extinction SF6 gas:
decomposes into S and F ions
decomposes into SF4 and SF2
gets oxidized
reduces to SF3
4. Transformer core is laminated to reduce
hysteresis loss
eddy current loss
both a & b
exciting current
5. Rotor copper loss of 3-phase induction motor is equal to
Friction loss
stator loss
slip times rotor input power
rotational loss
6. The starting torque in a 1-phase induction motor is
very low
7. Salient poles are generally used on
high speed prime movers only
medium speed prime movers only
low speed prime movers only
both c & d
8. In DC series motor the speed is ______ proportional to the armature current.
has no relation
9. Which of these types of motor is used in elevators?
DC series motor
DC compound motor
DC shunt motor
10. Magnetic field in a DC generator is normally produced by
permanent magnets
both a & b
11. Which of the following DC generators has rising V-I characteristics?
12. Diesel engine power plants usually run on
high speed diesel oil
light speed diesel oil
13. A real current source has
infinite internal resistence
zero internal resistence
large internal resistence
small internal resistence
14. An open resistor when checked with an ohmmeter reads
high but within the tolerance
low but not zero
15. Voltage resonance means
series resonance
parallel resonance
current magnification
gain magnification

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