Hi Mr Electro family!! This is an educational website for electrical stream ( Electrical engineering, Diploma student and PreDiploma students) . This is mainly focused for those students who are waiting for Government jobs like LokSewa Aayog PSC, NEA, CANN NTC for level 3, level 4, level 5 and level 7 and also private jobs.

NEA vacancy || NEA ORG NP || NEA Nepal

NEA Nepal is government organization of Nepal, which is working on electricity since 2041 BS. Officially, NEA is established on 2041 BS, after that it is working to electrifying in Nepal but before 2072 BS, Nepali people experience about 20 hours load-shedding in a day i.e. 20 hours load shedding in 24 hours. That is worst experience for all Nepali people but when Kulman Ghishing, light man of Nepal, works as a managing director in NEA, it is totally free of load shedding here. Here we will discussed about NEA vacancy || NEA ORG NP || NEA Nepal || WWW NEA ORG NP. NEA is a big organization so it requires employees for that it post for vacancy. NEA vacancy post can be found on its official website on NEA ORG NP || WWW NEA ORG NP from google. Let's discussed about it in details about NEA vacancy.

NEA vacancy || NEA ORG NP || NEA Nepal

NEA vacancy || NEA ORG NP || NEA Nepal

NEA vacancy is the vacancy published by NEA Nepal. Mostly every year, NEA publish vacancy for employees which is published on its website can find google search by these word "NEA ORG NP || WWW NEA ORG NP". To fulfill its vacant post, NEA Nepal is always posting for all vacant post like technical post in electrical engineers, supervisors, electrician, civil engineers, mechanical engineers and other non-technical post in administration. This year 2079 BS, NEA Nepal also post for all vacant post on different vacancy. If you are searching for publish notice, you can find on NEA website but this time, their server is down so we have post this notice for you to help all who is searching for these notice to apply in NEA vacancy. You can see on here, how many NEA vacancy post are published this year by NEA.
In short form, we will discussed for only technical post of electrical but you can get all vacancy notice for technical as well as non technical people. 

Vacancy Post Post number Location
Engineer, Level 7 17 (9 khulla, women 3, aadhibasi 2, madeshi 2, dalit 1) all 7 province
Supervisor, Level 5 60 all 7 province
Foreman, Level 4 69 all 7 province
Senoir meter reader, Level 4 58 all 7 province

For more vanancy details. See on this PDF below.

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