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parallel resistance calculator

This is a simple parallel resistance calculator that you can use it in simple way. The total resistance of resistors connected in parallel is not same as series resistor. So, to calculate the total resistance of a series circuit, you simply add up the resistance values of each resistor in the circuit.

how to use a parallel resistance calculator

There are some option that you need to understand while using prallel resistance calculator. First of all you need to know how many resistor in your circuit so that you can choose according to your need from "Select the number of resistor". After selecting the number. You will get input option as your requirement. You need to input your resistance value as in your circuit. After inputting all your values, click on "Calculate" button. It will calculate your your total circuit resistance and show below on calculate button.

parallel resistance calculator

Select the number of resistor

Enter first resistance

Enter second resistance

In parallel connection, there are more than one resistor in parallel which will decrease the resistance of the circuit. The reciprocal of resistor's resistance need to be summed to get the reciprocal of whole circuit resistance. For example, a circuit has parallel resistance of R1, R2, R3, R4 and so on. For the whole circuit resistance is given by,
    1 / R =  1 / R1 + 1 /  R2 + 1 / R3 + 1 / R4 + ......

Some points need to remember

1. Gather information: Find out the resistance values of each resistor in the circuit. Let's say we have three resistors with resistance values of 100 ohms, 200 ohms, and 300 ohms. 

2. Input values: Enter the resistance values into the calculator. 

3. Calculate: Add up the resistance values using the formula: Total resistance R by given formula
1/R = 1/R1 + 1/R2 +1/ R3+...... . 

4. Result: The total resistance of the parallel circuit is 

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