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Total no of bulbs finder

This total number of bulb required finder tool is very helpful for you is you are going to design electrical circuit of a room. This is an Engineering design tool so if you are not an Enginner you can also use this by putting the values simply. It is necessary for a simple man to know "How do you calculate number of bulbs?, How many lightbulbs do I need for a room?, How many lights are needed in a house ? " The light can affect the vision of eyes that is the eyes is mcuh more sensitive to light. For a man who work less time in a place, there is not more effect on eyes with light but if that man work on many times on less or more illumination level of light, this will affect the eyes and cause many probelms on your health so that a perfect lighting source is needed in a room.

How do you calculate number of bulbs?

For a simple man, this tool is useul. You don't need to know anything just give simple data/input about your room.

Length of room (A)


Breadth of room (A)


Wattage of lamp (W) 


For engineers in design purpose, use below:-

Illumination required for room (E)


Length of room (A)


Breadth of room (A) 


Wattage of each lamp (W) 


Efficiency of each lamp


Utilization factor


Maintenance factor


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