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Turbine Selection Calculator

Hydropower Turbine selection calculator is an engineering calculator which is used to select turbine according to project requirement. As a hydropower plant engineer, we need to select the best turbine for project so it will help you to select best turbine for your project. For hydropower turbine selection calculator, we need to find net head, efficiency of plant, number of unit in plant, discharge of each unit. These value should be given from user i.e. need to measure for your project which can be measure from different methods. Discharge of plant, gross head, head loss, Riparian release, power factor etc. values are need to be given as imput to get a best output for turbine selection calculator.

Hydropower turbine selection

Design discharge of plant

Dry season discharge of plant

Gross Head


Head loss 

Riparian release

Note:- Selection of turbine may not exact so need to contact with an engineer also as your requirement.

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