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How to write a report after an internship

Let's learn about " How to write a report after an internship ? " Internship report writing is a type of report writing required for those who are doing internship in any company or field. Internship is a place where you can get opportunity to get real time work experience of your course. It is good idea to do intern in a company which is related to your course. It will build a bridge between your course content and real work in market so that you can easily do your job after getting job. Most of people may get confused in how to write about internship report writing. If you interning in a field or company, you may need to submit report at last of your internship. In some place, it is not necessary but it is good to write a report for you. It will build up your writing skill which is good in future.

How to write a report after an internship ?

Internship report writing means it is the collection of all you have done in interning time. While interning, you may learn about different things in different field/portion in a company. You need to sum up all these things in your report. 

How to write a report after an internship

Here is a simple and effective way for internship report writing format.

Title, submit to and by

This is the first page and make it simple. At the top, write title in big , bold letter and below title, you can add company's logo. You can add 'submitted by', 'submitted to' and 'Date of internship' . On submitted by, you need to write your name, college and address. Similarly, you need to add company name and department.

Certificate of report

This is the certificate of report that you have done internship on that company. You need to get signed from manager (your department), supervisor, and HR (Human Resource).


This is the page where you need to thanks all those who helps you in your internship.


This is simple introduction of your internship

Table of contents

On this page, you need to add all content titles with page number.


This page includes all details about that company like its address, company vision, mission, company philosophy. For that, you can get details about from workers, supervisor, manager. Also, you can get much more details from the company's website and other internet materials.

Objective of internship

Make it pointwise and easy language. You can write about why you have interning and what you want to get from this internship.


Write about some methods from which you will get knowledge from the internship like question answering methos, search on internet,

Internship experience

On this, write about your experience on the internship like what have you learn, on that learning how do you feel, overall it is good or bad.

Knowledge gain from internship

This is the main part of your internship report writing so you need to write about all things and process that you have learned in that internship. Need to include some data that you have noted during internship, process how it runs and so on.

Problems and Suggestion

Write pointwise all problems and suggestion that you feel during your interning period. You can suggest the company for better performance.


On conclusion, you need to summarize all things.

You can see a sample of internship report writing. This will really help you.

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