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Resistor Color Code Calculator

Since carbon resistor is small in size which make more difficult to write the value of resistance on it. For that reason, a idea grow that is use color code on it. Resistor color code is a mixing of color on a resistor which gives the value of resistance of resistor. The value of resistance won't be exact with this method i.e. slightly less or higher than that value. Resistor color code calculator is engineering calculator which is used to calculate the resistance of a resistor by using code on it. Our motive is to make easy for all electrician, & engineer in this type of calculation i.e. no worry to remember anything at all about it. 

Resistor Color Code Calculator

There are different types of band resistor which has different color coding. Band resistor means how many color is coated on resistor i,e. 4 band resistor means 4 colors are coated on that resistor and 5 band resistor means 5 types of color are coated.

1. 4 Band resistor color code calculator




2. 5 Band resistor color code calculator




For resistor color code calculation

For resistor color code calculation, we have a formula for both 4 band resistor and 5 band resistor.
For 4 band resistor, 
The value of  R = AB X 10C ± D% 
where A = First color (band)
           B = Second color (band)
           C = Third color (band) = Multiplier
           D = Fourth color (band) = Tolerance
For 5 band resistor, 
The value of  R = ABC X 10D ± E% 
where A = First color (band)
           B = Second color (band)
           C = Third color (band) 
           D = Fourth color (band) = Multiplier
           E = Fifth color (band) = Tolerance
Note :- To remember all color code, we have a sentence which makes easy to remember.
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Resistor color code table
Color Digit Multiplier Tolerance
Black 0 10⁰ -
Brown 1 10¹ -
Red 2 10² -
Orange 3 10³ -
Yellow 4 10⁴ -
Green 5 10⁵ -
Blue 6 10⁶ -
Violet 7 10⁷ -
Grey 8 - -
White 9 - -
Gold - 0.1 ±5%
Silver - 0.01 ±10%
No color - - ±20%

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