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NEA question paper level 4

This Mr Electro website will provide all type of files/materials to you for helping in your NEA loksewa preparation class. This is NEA question paper level 4 || Loksewa aayog NEA level 4 exam for them who is preparing for loksewa aayog. For more question collection, you can visit this website more.

NEA question paper level 4, Foreman 2075/04/07

Section 'A'                                                                                                                                    50 Marks

1. State the Kirchhoff's voltage and current laws.                   5

2. Explain the application of storage batteries. When they are connected in series and parallel?        5

3. Define resistance, capacitance and self Inductance. In which aspect, capacitors and inductors are different from resistors?                           5

4. Write short notes on:           4x1.25=5

a) Generator

b) Turbine

c) Transformer

d) Circuit breaker

5. Explain the working of a surge arrestor as protection against lightning.                        5

6. What is the importance of earth wire in overhead lines? Explain briefly.                            5

7. What are the types of insulators and poles used in distribution system? Explain briefly.     5

8. Mention the safety precautions during operation and maintenance of electrical equipment.  5

9. What are the differences between MCBs and MCCBs? Where they can be used?              5

10. Briefly explain the role and duty of Nepal Electricity Authority.                                         5

Section 'B'                                                                                                                                    50 marks

12. What is  "black start' of a power station? What are the steps required for black starting ?How do you operate a power plant in isolated mode? Explain.                                         10

13. What is a circuit breaker? List the different types of circuit breakers. What are the advantages and disadvantage of oil circuit breakers? How does the circuit breakers differ from a switch?                 10

14. State the types of substations according to the service. List out the major equipment used in a substation. Also mention the relative merits of Indoor and Outdoor substations. What are the functions of panels and fire fighting equipments in a substation?                           10

15. What is equipment earthing? What is the necessity of earthing the electrical appliances and machines? What should be the resistance of a good earth for copper and Gl wires? What steps should be taken to reduce earth resistance if it is high?                                              10

                                                                        -The End-

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