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NEA LokSewa Test/quiz Question set -2 || Model question set 2

This is a sample question paper which is just test your knowledge in Mr. Electro which is very useful for jobs in NEA, NTC, PSC, CANN for level 3, leve 4, level 5 and level 7.
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Model question set 2

Multiple Choice Question

1. Earth wire or ground wire in overhead transmission line is made of:
galvanized steel
2. Average resistance of human body is:
500 ohms
1000 ohms
1500 ohms
2000 ohms
3. An automatic device that operates at preset values is known as
mercury switch
4. The power factor of the arc in circuit breaker is
always zero
always unity
always lagging
always leading
5. Small transformers below 25KVA can be easily cooled by
air natural cooling
forced air cooling
oil natural cooling
oil forced cooling
6. In air forced cooling, the fans are
always on
on when temperature increase from permissible limit
on when temperature decrease from permissible limit
on during the daytime
7. The difference between the synchronous speed and the actual speed of an induction motor is known as
back lash
8. Rotating magnetic filed is produced in a _____
single phase induction motor
three phase induction motor
DC series motor
AC series motor
9. In case of alternators, the dark and bright lamp method is used for
phase sequence
load balancing
load transfer
10. All of the following losses for a synchronous machine are fixed except
Bearing friction loss
Copper loss
Windage loss
Core loss
11. The output power of any electrical motor is taken from the:
coupling mounted on shaft
motor frame
12. The direction of rotation of a DC motor can be determined by
Fleming's right hand rule
Fleming's left hand rule
Lenz's law
Ampere's law
13. The field coils of the DC generator are usually made of the
cast iron
14. A 250V DC generator is run at the rated speed with no excitation. The open circuit voltage of this generator will be
about 100 V
very small, say about 2 or 3 V
250 V
15. A generator may lose residual magnetism due to
over excitation


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