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Thursday, August 25, 2022

Model Question set 3 for NEA, NTC, PSC, CANN

Are you preparing for NEA, NTC, PSC, CANN for level 3, leve 4, level 5 and level 7. If yes? you are in right place.
This is a sample question paper which is just test your knowledge in Mr. Electro which is very useful for jobs.

LokSewa aayog tayari model question

Multiple Choice Question
Each question has equal 1 mark.

Model Question set 4 for NEA, NTC, PSC, CANN

1. The most expensive bus bar scheme is
single bus bar scheme
ring bus bar scheme
double bus bar double breaker scheme
main and transfer scheme
2. Guard ring transmission line
improves power factor
reduces earth capacitance of the lowest unit
reduces transmission losses
improves regulation
3. For the same power transmission, neglecting losses in a transmission line system, if voltage is doubled, the weight of the conductor materials required will be
four times
one fourth
4. The frequency of the voltage generated in the alternator depends on
number of poles
rotative speed
number of poles and rotative speed
number of poles and type of winding
5. The frequency of the voltage generated by an alternator for 8 poles and rotating at 250 rpm
60 Hz
50 HZ
25 Hz
50/3 Hz
6. An alternator is of 210 V per phase and running at 1500 rpm. If the speed of alternator drops to 1000 rpm, the generated voltage per phase will be
180 V
150 V
140 V
105 V
7. The repeat accuracy of the instrument can be judged from
static error
linearity error
dynamic error
standard deviation of error
8. Which of the following meters has linear scale?
Thermocouple meter
Moving iron meter
Hot wore meter
Moving coil meter
9. No eddy current and hysteresis losses occurs in case of
Electrostatic instruments
PMMC instruments
Moving iron instruments
Elctrodynamo meter instruments
10. In which district the project " Upper Tamakoshi Hydropower Project" is Located?
11. According to the latest report published by NEA what is the peak demand of past final year,
1291 MW
1098 MW
1539 MW
1963 MW
12. What is highest capacity plant in operation in Nepalese power system?
102 MW
90 MW
144 MW
456 MW
13. The element of electric heater is made of
14. Winding conductors of power transformers are usually insulated by
15. Which one of the following elements serves as a protection against overload?
16. Which of the following below bridge is frequency sensitive ?
Wheatstone bridge
Maxwell bridge
Anderson bridge
Wein bridge
17. Potentiometer is an .... instruments
18. The megger indicates infinity when its test terminals are open-circuited because
No current flows through the current coil
No current flows through the pressure coil
No current flows through the compensating winding
Current doesn't flow through the current coil and the pressure coil
19. A ohmmeter is basically:
A ammeter
A voltmeter
A multimeter
None of the above
20. While testing cable, the galvanometer should be initially short-circuited in order to protect it from sudden initial inrush currents as the cable have
low value of initial resistance
low value of initial capacitance
high value of initial capacitance
Both a and b


  1. Wrong option chai kasari right bhiyo ra 5 ra 11 ko ans check garni 🙏

    1. typing error in 5 no question. sorry sir. 11 no ko chai nea ko 21/22 ma peak demand 1963.98 MW vanera xa (past year vanera xa question ma)


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