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Saturday, March 25, 2023

Loksewa aayog 2079 || sub-engineer question paper part 3

This website provides source material for students preparing for NEA, NTC, PSC, and CANN at levels 3 to 7, including Electrician, Foreman, Supervisor, Assistant Engineer, and Engineer. Below, you can find karnali province loksewa aayog 2079, question papers for Level 5 and Electrical Loksewa Level 5 from 2079. These questions are taken from Loksewa aayog's old question paper for the sub-engineer at level 5.

Loksewa aayog, karnali province 2079 level 5, Supervisor question paper part 3

Multiple Choice
30x1=30 Marks

NEA question paper level 5 || Electrical loksewa Level 5 2073.

1. An electric circuits contains:
A. Active element only
B. Passive element only
C. Both A and B
D. None of the above
2. Which of the following voltages is obtained from a generator?
A. AC voltage
B. DC voltage
C. Both A and B
D. None of the above
3. The r.m.s. value of a sine wave is 100 A. It's peak value is;
A. 70.7 A
B. 141 A
C. 150 A
D. 282.8 A
4. What is the term used to refer to the additional power capacity that is available to a power plant to respond to unexpected changes in demand or supply?
A. Plant capacity factor
B. Operational reserve
C. Plant utilization factor
D. Load factor
5. Francis and Kaplan turbine is used for...... heads hydro-electric plant.
A. Medium and low head
B. High head
C. Low head
D. Low and high head
6. The power output from a hydro-electric power plant depends on three parameters.....
A. Head, type and dam of discharge
B. Head, discharge and efficiency of the system
C. Efficiency of the system, type of draft tube and type of turbine used
D. Type of dam, discharge and type of catchment area
7. Which of the following equipment controls the generator's speed in a hydropower plant?
B. Governor
C. Solenoid valve
D. Main inlet valve
8. Which of the following is a commonly used material in solar cells?
A. Aluminum
B. Germanium
C. Silicon
D. Copper
9. Pelton turbines are mostly:
A. Vertical
B. Horizontal
C. Inclined
D. None of the above
10. In solar power plant, the optical efficiency is defined as;
A. The ratio of the aperture area to the absorber area
B. The ratio of the energy absorbed by the absorber to the energy incident on the aperture
C. Ratio of the useful energy delivered to the energy incident on the aperture
D. None of the above
11. Running cost in hydro plant is.............compare with steam plant, nuclear plant and gas plant.
A. Lowest
B. In between hydro and nuclear
C. Highest
D. Lower than nuclear
12. What are the main sources of losses in a DC generator?
A. Friction and windage
B. Copper and iron losses
C. Heat and radiation
D. All of the above
13. Slip ring induction motor has:
A. Low starting torque
B. Medium starting torque
C. High starting torque
D. None of the above
14. Transformer ratings are given in
A. kVA
D. kW
15. The fall in speed of a DC generator due to increase in load can be corrected by:
A. Cooling the armature
B. Increasing the excitation
C. Reducing the load voltage
D. Increasing the input to the prime mover

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