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Saturday, July 8, 2023

Questions asked in Electrical License by NEC set 2

All these questions are from Electrical Engineering Licence taken by NEC and held on asar 8. This is set 2 which is for you.


NEA question paper level 5 || Electrical loksewa Level 5 2073.

Mr Electro Quiz
Questions asked in Electrical License by NEC set 2

1. Which process is not a required prerequisite in power generation?

2. Damper winding is used to prevent in negative slip of synchronous machine

3. Luminous flux is defined as

4. Generally, the length of secondary distribution is

5. MMF is related to

6. On which angle a thyristor is operated/changed in 3-φ invertor system?

7. Main heating element which is responsible for increase in temperature in transformer is

8. Which of following the part is not of circuit breaker?

9. Which of the following is not correct?

10. Which of the following is used to reduce transient on power system?

11. A system has a number of voltage sources & resistors. If the resistance of resistor are doubled then their voltage will be?

12. Which one is the storage type hydropower plant of Nepal?

13. How many disc insulator are required for 220 kV?

14. A 1-φ 2 HP motor with 230 V , 0.8 power factor has efficiency of 70%. Find current flowing on motor?

15. Zero sequence current = ?

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